I’m not the greatest artist in the world, so I’ve been actively trying to improve my game recently, mainly by stepping outside of my comfort zone. Here are some examples of the more ambitious images I’ve worked on recently. Two of them are from a Twin Peaks themed birthday card I made for my partner back in October. The first is the log lady with a chess/owl/douglas fir backdrop, the other is Dale Cooper drinking black coffee in the black lodge. The other design is something I did today. It’s my take on Cthulu, and it’s partly inspired by an amazing game of ‘Mansions of Madness' I had with my friends Gary, Gareth and Jonny on Christmas Day.

I’m having more and more ideas about creative projects which involve images and illustration as a central aspect, and I feel increasingly frustrated that I’m no where near good enough to achieve them myself. To make matters worse I’m too skint to pay a proper artists to do the work for me. Regardless I’ll keep working, and hopefully by the time it comes to drafting my PhD comic, I’ll be a little bit more accomplished.